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This is me.
Plain and Simple.
Don't Rain On My Parade 
21st-Jun-2008 12:23 am

So anyway, the past few days have been surprisingly eventful of sorts. I finally finished finals on Wednesday! WOOHOO! But seriously. That was fucked up. The night before I got home late so I didn't even have time to study for the Jefferson final. We had to right 5 random essays out of 10 and fill up a 16 page booklet. So basically, we had to know how to write 10 essays to write on the spot. Also had the bio final. So of course, I studied for Bio Ch. 1-20 (not even the half of the book) for 5 and a half hours. I didn't worry so much about history, since I could do that during lunch period.

Well.. it turns out that History was going to be first and Bio last. Well, with some last minute studying I was able to fill everything. But I was the last person to write. Nearly took my whole lunch period over. Damn, I'm gonna die at the SAT. Bio was next--but you know, wasn't so worried since I studied for 5 and half hours. Oh yea, slept at 3 and woke up at 6:30 too. So I go in the room... only to find I've been exempted from the final. 

Holy damn. 

But anyway, I took a swag of Starbucks coffee and headed towards Newport with Fran. Yay, I missed best friend. We toured Hoboken and went into this little boutique that sold accessories. Thought we could make our Light Rail ticket limit by taking the 2nd St. stop... but I totally understimated the distance. We got there a minute before the limit, but our train never came. There goes another 2 dollars. At Newport, we saw Ate Dimple (my cousin) and the kids. She mentioned the Victoria Secret's semi-annual sale and we ran straight for it. I think we must have spent 1 1/2 hours there or something. Doing what? Sifting through 3.99 underwear of course. We both bought our first pair of thongs and vowed to wear it whenever the other decided to wear it. Our first schedule is tomorrow when we go shopping again. Yea, we're weird. 

Yesterday Sal came over to visit and brought flowers and chocolate :] The gang went to Newport, but we didn't really do much. Jean thought it was a cool idea to "go with the flow" and walk all the way to Montgomery and back. But it was incredibly fun and carefree. Very infinite. 

Today I went to Tita Bituin's house and FINALLY figure out what I'm gonna sing for Filipino Idol. So excited. There's a hint. Just now I just came back from watching Cry Baby in New York. Dude, it was absolutely AMAZING. I'm so glad I got to catch it before it closes on Sunday. Such a pity, it's such a wonderful show. So hilarious. What they did with the kissing scene was ingenius! 

Anyway, all I want to do now is watch My Girl. I'm feeling carefree and happy. DON'T RAIN ON MY PARADE.

(hint for ya)
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