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This is me.

Plain and Simple.

20 January 1992
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People think that just because you're young, you know nothing. Me? I'm a freshman, therefore a fool, waiting for the summer to turn me into a [sopho]more[on, therefore a wise fool. I try to find the truth I lost when I was a little kid, taking these teenage years to feel[express] as much as I can. You can lose yourself a lot to this materialistic world, it's just easier to ignore who you are. But these words beneath my skin jut in my stomach too much. Word vomit.

I'm Riana, livin' it up at 15. Maybe I do too much and think too much, but I'm always a child at heart. I love to laugh, but I don't cry enough. And one of these days I'm gonna climb on my roof and sing to the industrial sunset. I go to High Tech where you'll meet some of the greatest people out there. And these are my words, meant to keep me sane.